Currently located in Richmond, Texas, as studio manager and head engineer at Hendyamps Studios, Landon has worked in a variety of studio settings over the past years. His work has taken him from Texas, to Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico, including work with international clients. Landon brings this diversity and experience to every project he takes on. His goal with each artist is to produce a sonic imprint of their musical identity and story, while striving to make each artist feel right at home as they work together to achieve an end product that speaks in a sonically excellent way.






Everything from complete full band tracking and overdubs, to voiceovers, and soundtracks. No matter what your recording or engineering needs are, they will be met with the knowledge, care, gear, and expertise needed for your project. For a complete gear list, click below.




Music is art, and mixing music is no exception. With a blend of high end boutique outboard gear mixed with the highest quality digital tools, you can be sure that your music will speak in not only a creative way, but a sonically accurate way as well. To listen to mixing samples, click below.




Need photo or video content for your time in the studio, single or next release? We can do that for you! We can provide photography and video content for you to promote your project or next release. We love doing studio videos for artist and working to create content that works for them. Click below to see video examples.




Have a live performance you need recorded? Planning a live album recording? Already recorded a performance but need it mixed? We offer full live performance recording and mixing services. Click the button below to fill out the contact form with details about your project and we will be in contact.